Welcome to Eagle's Enchantments, your source for unique and striking jewelry, apparel and accessories.

I offer two different types of service: In-stock and Custom.

In-stock Items: Are made during my free time over the course of the year. I like to attend local festivals, art shows, conventions and fairs in the area. The pieces made for these shows are on hand for immediate sale. When I have a piece made but have not yet sold it I offer it on my "catalog" page.

My searchable catalog displays some pieces I have sold. I leave these pieces on display so that you can see what I have done in the past. This may help inspire you by seeing some of the art I am capable of creating. There is also my Custom Order Gallery for those pieces that are truly one of a kind.

Custom Items: are made just for you, to your specifications. The positive side of this is extra comfort and the knowledge that you are getting exactly what you want. This takes time and communication. When you order a custom piece I will issue an estimated time to complete your piece. For smaller pieces, this is usually 6-8 weeks. Once I receive your deposit, I order the materials, and go to work. I like to communicate frequently with you during this time, to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.